Little Free Libraries

A few months ago, while driving, I took a shortcut into a neighborhood that I’ve never been through before. As I was driving, I came upon a small bird house sized figure on top of a small post placed into the ground. It was implanted within a large grassy area and near a couple of picnic tables. It looked very inviting and not knowing what it could be, I parked the car, and got out to take a closer look…It was a small wooden figure with a latch closure on the side and a plastic front window that contained a random assortment of books. There were some bestsellers, some unfamiliar titles and authors, a few others I recognized, and some books for the little ones. The plaque on the front read, a non-profit organization, and to take a free book and leave a free book. I felt somewhat guilty for taking a book with me when I didn’t have any to leave, but I couldn’t resist. I browsed through the selection and choose a previous bestseller novel. I promised myself I would go back to the same little free library, so that I could leave a book or two.

I instantly thought this was the greatest idea ever. Not only does it promote reading within the community, neighborhood, and at home, but it provides books for everyone to enjoy and they’re free! You don’t have to worry about getting to a library, remembering your library card and due date, and checking out books. Plus, it’s always open!

I was still very excited about the idea that I googled the website when I got home and read more about it. Completed little free libraries can be purchased or you can make one on your own. If anyone decides to take on this great idea, just make sure to register your library on the website to prove ownership and allow it to show up when others search for it within your neighborhood. I still plan to search for other libraries sprinkled around town and visit those for some more amazing reads!

Here are some little free library pictures:

Little free library.jpg

Little free library 2

Little free library 3.jpg


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